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Customer Feedback


I LOVE my [creme cotton Pineapple-Magnolia] quilt! Thanks so much!

Marianne W.


I received my beautiful wedding gift today. This just takes my breath away. I quilt and I wanted so badly to figure if I could do this, but it is somewhat above my skilll level. Glad I found your website.

Barbara P.


The sham is stunning - I know my friend will treasure it. I will tell all my friends about your very worthy venture.

Devta K.


The vanne arrived on Saturday and is now hung on my living room wall.
It is beautiful. Thank you for the prompt service.

Donna S.


I just heard from my friend that she received the vanne and they love it. They really appreciated all the work that was put into it, so please let the ladies know that they did an excellent job.

Kandria J.


I received my quilt top a couple of days ago. I can hardly wait for winter now so that I can start on it. I think that it will be beautiful when done. Thank you for all of your help in getting it to me.

Peggy K.


Just a thanks in recognition of the quilters' hard work and excellent quality. I love the quilt. The handwork is beautifuly done, and the circles are nice and small how I wanted them. You don't see that very often. Hopefully, when people see this gift (to be given end of July), they will want to order one. I Loved It! The detailing and precision are note-worthy.

Kyle S.


The quilt is lovely. We're very pleased to be able to simultaneously honor our daughter and her husband with this gift at the same time the proceeds can help other families become self-sustaining.

Matthew and Aline S.


Thank you for the shipment. I LOVED IT ALL. What a wonderful job and great craftsmanship.
I'm planning to introduce it to my customers on Monday. Again, I love the items. I know my customers will love them too. So expect more orders soon.

Myrna has a wonderful family. Her story is a very interesting one to read. I really admire her. And, I'm pleased to be doing business with her. I plan to write her to thank her personally.

RoselleAndrea, Inc., The Baby Coordinator, New York


The incredible, beautiful quilt arrived, it is awesome!!!!!!! I am very pleased with everything about it, I am sure Deana and Tim will cherish it forever. I am thrilled that I found you on the net.....Thank you and the
wonderful ladies whose labor of love will never be forgottten. I am sure yoou will be hearing from friends and relatives when they see it.

Geri M.


I have so appreciated the way you have communicated with me and kept me current with what is happening. It wasn't surprising to me to catch that little glimpse of your heart (in your motto).

Irene N


The quilt is beyond beautiful and the story behind the women that create these quilts is so touching.

I plan to have the quilt be one she can give to her child and her child can pass the quilt down to their child and make it the family's traditional quilt passed through the generations.

Lindsay W


i just wanted to let you know that my sister-in-law LOVED the quilt.
thank you!!!

Andrea N


The quilt is lovely. I showed the quilt to a friend who is an avid quilter and will pass the sites onto her quilter group. She was very impressed with the work and kept looking for the stuffing marks on the back.

Anne W


Thank you again for all of your fabulous help! You are a wonderful representative of WeddingQuilts.com!

Pam L


Thank you so much for your kind reply and for helping make my son's wedding wonderful. I had hoped that information concerning the quilt would be included; I want to suggest that the couple use the quilt as a receiving blanket as well.

I do appreciate the adjustments you made concerning the Once in a Lifetime quilt. My future daughter in law likes cotton rather than sateen. However, my daughter loves the bridal sateen and I most definitely plan to order another quilt when she marries.

I can't tell you how much your correspondence means to me.
Thank you so much,

Memory S


I knew I wanted to get my sister a hand-made quilt that she could keep forever. The quilt is absolutely beautiful, I hope to order one for myself one day. I really liked the quilt with the scalloped edges. I know you did not have any at the time I placed my order but can I place and order for that quilt now and have it made?

Shawna W


The shower was Saturday and what a success we were! Everybody raved about the quilt and I was very proud.
Thank you again for your help.

Jean O